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Welcome to our online fee calculator. We like to think of it as the ultimate in fee seeking tech. It enables you to save big on fees and score more on rewards. Fees can come as a nasty surprise. Like the flu, every year they get worse, and just when you think you’re in the clear . . . Boom! They come back to bite you. At Nedbank, we avoid high banking fees like the plague. In fact, we want to help you find your perfect fee fit. To start, scroll over the box below that best represents you.


You’re a club-jumping, lift-catching, lecture-hopping twitter bug. It’s that time of your life to live free and enjoy everything the world has to offer. Now, why would we want to spoil that with costs that limit your freedom? We were all young once, so we get it!

Ke Yona Banking

Banking 101, starting from scratch. If that’s you, don’t fret. We are all about easy and affordable. It shouldn’t cost you the world to start building your wealth.

Savvy Banking

A family, a career, and a million and one things to do – all at once. Building up my wealth to support a family, present or future, is my priority. Losing my savings to hidden fees is the last thing I need.


You’ve learnt the lessons, and know the catches. It’s all about quality, being able to live the life you know, and love, at no extra cost. No compromise, not now.

Professional Banking

Let’s face it, a lot of the stuff you do needs to be done yesterday, you’re a one-man band operating on borrowed time. A little help to minimise the load goes a long, long way.

Small Business

There’s nothing small about your business. You need the proper tools to facilitate your life and your work, whilst finding a balance between the two.

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